Sunday, July 26, 2015

Seattle, continued

Oh my, Seattle has some tasty vegan food!  On Thursday night, we met Deb and Scott at El Borracho for some Mexican food before the Amazon 20th birthday concert.  They were running late due to Seattle's lovely traffic, so we enjoyed some delicious guac and beers while we waited.  El Borracho has a small vegan section on their menu, and Laura and I each tried the three different vegan tacos - one with mushrooms, one with soy chorizo, and one with poblano peppers.  They were small, but tasty!

On Friday morning we tried the Wayward Vegan Cafe for breakfast.  It is a funky cafe with a very extensive menu; it was hard to choose a meal!  I finally settled on the tofuevos rancheros, which was wonderful!  Tofu scramble with black beans and avocados on top of a corn tortilla, finished off with sour cream.  The potatoes were also delicious.  I tried a bite of Laura's potato pancakes, which were also quite tasty.

On Saturday night we were able to score a reservation at Sutra.  I am so happy we were able to get in!  Sutra is set up like a supper club, with one seating and a prix fixe menu.  Before dinner was served, the chef came out to tell us about each of the courses.  The first two courses were served together - a roasted cauliflower soup which was scrumptious and an arugula cucumber salad with smoked caperberries and candied sunflower seeds with hyssop-hempseed dressing - yum!

Course three was a shiso-brandy wine tomato topped with the most delicious roasted maitake mushrooms.  Also included were cider braised fennel and lemongrass fingerling potatoes along with pomegranite molasses, toasted sesame seeds, and microgreens.

The fourth course featured quinoa-cashew cheese stuffed Aneheim chiles with Beluga lentils, sauteed Spigarello, and a roasted garlic-saffron-lime basil tomato sauce.  After the soup, this was definitely my favorite course!  Not too spicy, but full of intense flavor.

Finally, dessert - a small but richly delicious piece of raw cacao-cardamom fudge topped with whipped vanilla coconut cream and wild huckleberry sauce.  It was small but completely satisfying!

We wanted to try one last place before leaving Seattle, Cafe Flora, so we went for brunch before heading to Portland.  I have been here for dinner, but not brunch, so I was excited to check out the menu.  We started by sharing a sinfully decadent vegan cinnamon roll.

For my actual breakfast, I had the vegan summer scramble with tofu, mushrooms, and summer squash.  It was definitely the best vegan scramble I have had on this trip so far!  It was also served with roasted potatoes, which were perfectly seasoned and cooked.  Cafe Flora was a great way to end some excellent Seattle eating.

And now, Portland, the last stop on my journey, where there are way too many vegan restaurants and not enough time.  Where to go first?

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