Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Last Supper

My final day in Paris was fairly uneventful (though my suitcase finally showed up - that was exciting!). After a leisurely morning, we headed out around noon.  I set off on my own to tour Sainte Chappelle and wander the streets of Paris.  What I had been looking forward to most, however, was dinner.  There was one restaurant I had been wanting to try, Le Potager du Marais, where they do vegan versions of classic French dishes.  My mom and Peter joined me, and we were lucky to get a table right away (the restaurant is extremely small).  I started with the vegan French onion soup, which was delicious!  Full of croutons and topped with a surprisingly yummy vegan cheese.  Mom and Peter split a baked potato with an olive tapenade that was also quite tasty (I snagged a bite, of course!).  For dinner, we split two entrees, the hazelnut loaf and the pink lentil balls.  We got the almond rice for one side, and the mashed potatoes for the other.  We all agreed that the lentil balls were the tastiest item, but everything was delicious. For dessert, we shared ginger creme brulee, something that is hard to come by as a vegan version.  I have to say, they did a pretty good job!  It wasn't overly sweet, which I appreciated.

Thankfully, my trip home was not nearly as eventful as my trip out.  There was a minor glitch with my ticket, and I had to rush to catch my connecting flight, but otherwise, all was well.  The food was not as good as United's, but Lufthansa was awesome about checking in with me and making sure everything they gave me was vegan.  Plus, they give you free wine with dinner.  Lufthansa definitely wins in terms of customer service!

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