Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day One - Seattle

The weather is gorgeous here!  It's so nice to escape the heat and humidity of the northeast.  Kristin and I made our way to Pike's Place Market and started the morning at the original Staarbucks. We then wandered the marketplace visiting numerous shops.  We bought lunch in the market (Indian takeout for me) and ate in the park. It was nice to sit in the summer sun without sweltering. After lunch we rode the new (to me) Ferris wheel and admired the city from above.

And now on to the food!  We tried Cafe Flora for dinner, a vegetarian restaurant in Capitol Hill. To start, we split the bucket of sweet potato fries with a delicious aioli dipping sauce, which they made vegan upon request. For dinner, Deb and I both tried the potato and arugula cakes, which were served with vegan pesto and a cherry sauce - yum!  Scott and Kristin both had an Israeli couscous salad with grilled eggplant and morel mushrooms that looked delicious and they both enjoyed (though it was salty and contained a lot of cilantro).  I didn't try it because it had a yogurt sauce and feta. I was tempted to get dessert, because I could, but was too full. However, now that I've digested a bit, I may have to finish off my vegan oatmeal cookie from the market this afternoon...


  1. oh yes...love the Washington cherries (thought of that when you mentioned cherry sauce). The last time we were in Seattle we bought Rainier cherries and brought them with us on our Alaska cruise. They lived in a little bag in our mini bar that week and we slowly parceled them out. :)

  2. They are delicious! Kristin bought a cup of Rainer and Bing cherries after lunch - they did not make it back to Deb's apartment!