Thursday, July 11, 2013

Final Seattle Day

For our last full day in Seattle, we bought a trolley ticket so that we could hop on and off while learning a little more about the city. We took the trolley to Pioneer Square for the underground tour, where Ben Folds played in my head for the entire hour and a half (we can be happy underground...) Our tour guide was quite entertaining and even though I've taken the tour before, I was very engaged. Kristen wanted to check out Salumi for lunch, and since I've  dragged her to every veg restaurant in Seattle, I figured it was th  least I could do. I was  pleasantly surprised to find a grilled eggplant sandwich on the menu - it was delicious!

After lunch we hopped back on to the trolley and rode up to the Pike brewery where we had a very informative tour. Samples were not included in the tour, so we bought bought a six taste sampler at the bar afterward. We caught the trolley back to Seattle Center where we switched lines and headed up into Queen Anne. We stopped at Karey Park for a spectacular view of the city. 

For dinner, we met up with friends who chose Marjorie. The staff there was  excellent!  Our waitress patiently outlined everything that was vegan or could be made vegan - there were a lot of options!  We had fried plantain chips and guacamole, risotto, and mushroom Brusschetta to share, all of which were made so that I could eat them. I decided on the pizza for my meal, which was made without cheese. It had very thin slices of lemon, which made for an interesting taste. Our waitress was very apologetic when she came to tell us about dessert because  I couldn't eat most of it. However, I was so full, I wouldn't  have been able to eat it anyway. 

Tomorrow we head to the Olympic National Park!  There is no Internet service there, so it will be a few days before my next post.