Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day Two - Seattle Eating

Today was all about food!  Yes, we did some touristy things, like the Space Needle, but mostly we explored neighborhoods and ate. We started in the University district. I was hoping to try Pizza Pi for some vegan pizza, but unfortunately they are not open for lunch. Luckily there were four other vegan restaurants to choose from in a three block radius, so we tried the Wayward Vegan Cafe instead. We ordered a lot of fried food - artichokes, sweet potato fries, and buffalo "chicken".  I also ordered a salad to add some healthiness to the meal. Though delicious, my stomach was not too happy afterward - I rarely eat fried food. We walked it off in the nearby Ravenna Park, a city oasis with woodsy trails. 

After a late afternoon break, we met a friend for drink at Rob Roy where I had a three dollar beer. We didn't order food, but I can comment on their excellent music selection. Kristin and I parted ways with Amy and headed up to Capitol Hill, where we tried Highline. It was not what we expected!  I was expecting a pub, which is how it is advertised. In reality, it was a bit of a dive. However, we got to sit outside, and the sandwiches were delicious. On our way home, we stopped at the Black Coffee Co-Op for a vegan sweet potato cinnamon roll - delicious!  It's a good thing I ran four miles this morning and walked an additional six or so during the day, given the number of calories I consumed today!

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