Saturday, July 20, 2013

San Francisco

We've seen quite a bit and eaten quite a lot in the past two days!  On Friday, we checked out Streatfair, the San Francisco food truck area. We got there fairly early, around noon, and the place was already hopping. After a stroll around  the perimeter to see what they had to offer, we settled on falafel. And what a falafel it was!  They crammed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, hummus, and French Fries (yup, you heard it right) in there. Then there were a bunch of other toppings to add on yourself, so I loaded m  pita up with pickles, cabbage, and jalapenos, along with hot sauce. It was not easy to eat with all of that crammed in, but I managed somehow.

After  lunch we explored the Mission district and then Haight and Ashbury. We had tickets to the 7:15 Giants game, so we walked to the stadium after eating our leftovers from Thursday night. We made sure to leave room for garlic fries though!  The game was fun an  the stadium is gorgeous, right on the water, but it was cold!!!

Today we checked out the farmer's market at the ferry building - it was massive!  We started with the shops in the building, where I found vegan donuts!  I tried a Mexican hot chocolate one, and it was chocolatey, cinnamon goodness. We then ate our way through the market, trying a variety of samples. There is also a craft portion of the market, so we spent some time browsing there too. We then walked along the water through the tourist areas on our way to Fort Mason to try Greens. Unfortunately, when we arrived we realized that the restaurant was  closed for a private party. Luckily, they have a to go counter, so w  picked up sandwiches and ate them in the park where we chatted with a dad and his 21 year old son. My grilled tofu sandwich with avocado was delicious, as was the oatmeal granola cookie I had for dessert.

We made a quick stop at Ghiradhelli Square before waiting in a very long line to get on a  cable car. It was worth the wait, though, as we climbed  up and down the hills. I kept having  Full House flashbacks  as w  drove along...

Kristin picked our dinner restaurant - Baonecci in North Beach. They are  known for their thin crust pizza, and they did not disappoint. We started with their house  salad, which was simple and delicious. I had a spicy pizza with lots of garlic and parsley. I had read that this pizza was very spicy, but I didn't get that at first. However, there were a few bites that set my mouth on fire!  It was good, though - I like to keep it spicy.

Tomorrow night we go to Millennium - I'll have lots to write about that one!

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